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Request Songs or Alerts

Enter a song or artist into the "text box." A list of choices should "drop down" and appear below the text box.

Select a song and click "GO!" (If you don't see the song you're interested in, enter any song of your choosing and click "GO!") If you'd like to be alerted before your song plays, select "Yes, Alert Me."

Alerts may be received via text, Email or Twitter (select one). By entering your text, Email or Twitter handle you've established a simple account that saves your alert preferences and keeps track of your alert activity.

Your personal information is used for this purpose only and is not shared with any third parties. For detailed information about how your personal information is used, please review our Privacy Policy.

What Are Top Requests?

Your radio station's Top Requests of the "Day," "Week" and "Month" are an easy way to be alerted before the most popular music on your radio station plays.

Simply click "Alert Me" and follow prompts.

Manage Your Alerts

You can change your Alert delivery options (text, Email or Twitter) and manage previously selected Alerts by clicking the "gear" icon in the upper right-hand corner of your Request/Alert widget and selecting "Manage My Alerts."

Change Theme

Change of pace? Changing your Theme changes the color scheme to suite your "light" or "dark" mood!

Simply use the Gear icon and select "Change Theme" to toggle between the themes!